Citu Developments LLP

The first of its kind in the UK, phase I of the Climate Innovation District in Leeds comprises more than 121 zero-carbon houses and two timber-framed apartment buildings, situated in a green landscape in the city centre. 

For this project, Citu Developments partnered with White Arkitekter, renowned for sustainable placemaking, timber frame off-site housing, and buildings using MVHR systems and air-tight membranes to create homes powered totally by renewable energy.

The Citu home is designed using the Passive House Planning Package. It uses insulation, heat recovery systems and an air-tight thermal envelope to create a home that no longer needs a traditional gas boiler. House types 2 & 3 are designed ‘upside down’ with the kitchen and living area on the top floor, giving good views of the river and easy access to the roof terrace.

The homes have their own rainwater collection system and a rain garden for sustainable drainage. The riverside houses feature solar panels and green roofs which help retain water, mitigate the urban heat island effect and provide a habitat for pollinating insects.

All are smart home enabled and all will be supplied by renewable energy from the site’s solar arrays.

The development is raised by several metres to encourage a car-free landscape but the undercroft car park has the infrastructure for electric car charging as standard.

A biodiversity line runs along the riverbank, and green roofs provide a habitat for birds and pollinating insects. Retaining current trees and planting more local species helps local wildlife. The large areas of green space also help prevent flooding.