Chobham Manor


: PRP Landscape, PRP Development Consultancy

Chobham Manor provides 880 new homes, including multi-generation homes, with 75% designed for families and 35% as affordable homes new shops, community facilities, a nursery and 1,500m2 of open space.

The vision was to create for our client the LLDC (Taylor Wimpey and L&Q) a medium density, self-contained, family-friendly neighbourhood in a green healthy setting, with relationships to the park and Olympic venues and connected together by a linear play route, mediating the density between East Village and Leyton. The input from landscape architects was prized from the outset. The masterplan centres around community interaction, enabling residents to connect with their surroundings, green spaces, and local streets and cycle networks, fostering a strong sense of ownership and community empowerment. Interwoven throughout the masterplan are three interconnected linear greens, allowing everyone to "Live by the Green." All residents have access to a range of green open spaces, at the heart of the masterplan, with homes overlooking streets that lead to each one, and all homes have a generous private amenity space integrated with the home in either a terrace, balcony or garden. The proximity, easy access and viewpoints help to generate a safer community and the feeling that the open spaces ‘belong’ to all the residents. The scheme serves as a model for urban regeneration, with sustainable infrastructure designed to support eco-friendly, low-carbon, resource-efficient, and healthy lifestyles. Placemaking efforts aimed to preserve parkland, waterways, and walkable neighbourhoods while preparing for a changing climate.