Ash House is a contemporary new-build home located close to Henley-on-Thames, within the Chilterns Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. It has a gross internal floor area of 5113 sqft, and

includes master and guest suites, three further bedrooms, a gym and a large garage for classic cars and motorbikes.

Key to the vision was creating a building that respected but did not mimic the local vernacular - through its choice of materials, its form and its proportions – as well as importantly creating a building with sustainability at its core. The brief was to create a building that was unmistakably contemporary but one that sat well within its surroundings.

Owing to its rural setting and narrow access road, the project utilized off-site construction where possible such as a pre-fabricated timber frame. This allowed the shell of the building to be constructed in a more controlled environment, shortening the overall build programme and reducing the amount of construction traffic accessing a challenging site.

The building utilizes a number of sustainable technologies such as ASHP, MVHR, Solar PV and Heat Stores, ensuring that the building is respectful of its environment and minimal in its reliance on conventional energy sources.

Ash House successfully meets our clients’ aspirations to create a home that is both beautiful and innovative in its use of sustainable technology. Whilst being unmistakably contemporary, it is a modern interpretation of the local vernacular and rooted within its context.