8-13 Casson Square

Patel Taylor

8-13 Casson Square is a 32-storey hybrid building that provides 301 mixed-tenure homes above retail units and a new London Underground ticket hall serving Waterloo Station. From a complex brief and programme, this project has produced an amazing residential building that challenges the typology for high-rise living in London.

Taking its cues from the Shell tower, the tower is a strong, formal building with a defined base, middle and crown. Referring back to the Houses of Parliament across the Thames, the building’s masonry lattice becomes lighter and more filigree as the building reaches upwards. Each façade responds to its specific context, be it the bustle of York Road or the calm of the new piazza at Casson Square. Drawing further inspiration from London’s 19th Century heritage, each home is designed with a bay window. These form part of a comprehensive unitised façade system of storey-height, glazed, double and single-bay precast panels was developed; that minimised waste and time on site, while ensuring a highly crafted and consistent level of quality. A façade palette of Portland Roach stone detailing and bronze metal accents evoke London’s heritage fabric to shape a specific sense of place. Double and triple-height wintergardens line the east façade providing shared amenity space for all, irrespective of tenure. These spaces are designed to encourage social interaction, while framing views across London.