Evelyn Street


Evelyn Street’s clients opted to extend their family space, and, shrewdly, add another bedroom to an enlarged self-contained flat to balance the figures.

By relocating the kitchen to the front of the house, the living space flows onto a large terrace. A cantilevered bay connects the interior to the green beyond. A ribbon of metalwork forms a sculptural staircase to the garden. Externally, white bricks and dark metalwork form a restrained but bold monochrome aesthetic to distinguish new from old, and accentuate the verdant outlook. Internally, considered joinery and a pared-down material palette create clean lines and orderliness. The project’s exterior design reads the new on the old - the use of metalwork in planters, the staircase and cladding is integral to this. Designing in a connection between multiple levels of the open-plan interior, the terrace and garden is key to the quality of the lived experience. Plywood is chosen as a key joinery material for its low-carbon and future recyclability credentials. Core to the project’s restrained materiality, it lends a sense of orderliness internally. Heritage London materials of brick and metal are updated with a monochrome palette externally. The design also carefully considers efficiency by upgrading thermal properties through insulation and glazing. The project celebrates its position by Deptford Park from both within the house and its aspect from the park. The oriel window stretches towards park views, and integrated terrace planting blurs the boundaries between these green spaces.