Claywood House

Ayre Chamberlain Gaunt

Claywood House, a new 5-bedroom low-carbon home has been designed to meet the needs of a wheelchair dependant client and to create spaces that allow her to live independently.

The new building is located within the orchard of the client’s previous home- a multi levelled building unsuitable for conversion. The house is designed as a counterpoint to the original and with an architecture of contrast reflecting a ‘fresh start’ for the client and her family. The design celebrates the beautiful setting and builds into the landscape itself. The shape of the building responds to the complex geometry of the topography and the site boundary and works with the slope of the site to reduce the visual impact to the surrounding area. The house is cut away to direct views across the garden and away from the former home, creating sheltered living spaces and establishing a clear entrance. A privately accessed guest annex is located to the south of the site. The new building is fully accessible with a lift and provides facilities for the specialist care required by the client including a physiotherapy pool, gym and carer’s suite. The house incorporates a ground source heat pump, a 6kw Photovoltaic array and a mechanical heat recovery ventilation system. Further, the building envelope is extremely well insulated and airtight thereby creating a highly sustainable new building.