Canada Gardens

Fossey Arora

Fossey Arora delivered conceptual interior design for Canada Gardens, a 743-unit Quintain Living Build to Rent site in Wembley Park. The brief was to create homes that would appeal to the young, the old and everyone in between.

From the outset, our greatest challenge was getting everyone on board with our innovative approach! We planned to deliver a living experience where residents would feel like the whole of Canada Gardens was their home, with their apartment serving as the part of their home where they eat, sleep and chill. We were inspired by a Club Tropicana lyric: “Fun and sunshine, there's enough for everyone”. We wanted to deliver all the benefits that come with owning a large home with land, but to renters. We began with the clubhouse, viewing it as an all-residents’ living room, then extended this to other features: the indoor playroom/playpark equates to the playroom and garden of a large country house; the allotment beds provide the experience of connecting with the earth and the sense of owning land; work-from-home sheds give that escape for which garden sheds are famous! Through this innovative approach, we’ve created a sense of home at Canada Gardens like nothing else in the rental sector. The apartments feel much larger than they are thanks to all the additional spaces that make up part of the overall home. This is a development where residents can feel a sense of ownership and pride in their homes. Where they can love to live.