Nansledan (Phase 1), Newquay, Cornwall

ADAM Architecture with Purl Design for Duchy of Cornwall and Wainhomes


Nansledan is a 218 hectare urban extension to Newquay, led by the Duchy of Cornwall, designed to evolve into a community of more than 4,000 homes with its own high street, school, public spaces and other public facilities, helping to meet the future needs of Newquay in a complementary and sustainable way, and acting as a catalyst to strengthen the local economy.

Phase 1 contains 126 homes.

Nansledan has been developed following extensive public consultation, and aligns with the Duchy of Cornwall’s aspiration to create an exemplary, dense, mixed use, sustainable extension that is distinctively Cornish in character and tailored to the needs of the local community. Nansledan has been conceived to forge strong physical connections with Newquay to strengthen the town and its social infrastructure.

Public consultation identified affordable housing as a critical community need: 30% of all housing at Nansledan is affordable, with low-cost rented homes scattered among owner-occupied properties.

Nansledan is being shaped by a masterplan which seeks to integrate a mix of public spaces, street types and building types. Architecturally, the development draws upon local vernacular building styles, capturing the spirit of Newquay’s urban fabric, and with individual attention to detail evident in every home. Local resources and materials have been preferred to strengthen and diversify the local economy, reflect local identity and meet sustainability objectives. This approach also keeps traditional construction methods alive, and creates durable, energy-efficient buildings.

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