Best Garden/Landscaping Design

Best Garden/Landscaping Design
New Garden Quarter by Pollard Thomas Edwards and Churchman Thornhill Finch

New Garden Quarter is sustainable city making in the truest sense, creating a new mixed use community on brownfield land, with excellent transport links, a SUDS strategy that incorporates rain gardens and green and blue roofs to sustainably deal with stormwater, and extensive new planting and green infrastructure to ensure a significantly enhanced local ecology. 

This public realm led master plan achieves zero carbon and provides a new family focussed neighbourhood of 471 mixed tenure apartments arranged around a major new London square. More than 45% of the new homes are large family flats of three bedrooms or more, across all tenures. Their popularity with the new residents shows that large apartments in contemporary mansion blocks, when integrated with generous public open space and family oriented amenities like doorstep play and a built-in neighbourhood nursery facility, can create a great setting for family life to rival the traditional London preference for a house and garden.

The design team worked within significant infrastructure constraints on every boundary to turn the previously transport dominated site into a new destination for families, both for its own residents as well as residents of the surrounding Stratford neighbourhoods.

Judges’ comments

“A decent family orientated design, though more heavily focused on an infant generation than accommodating older children, therefore leaving room for improvement.”

“Overall a good design, centrally located providing a relatively accessible shared space, albeit only one entrance. Great that biodiversity has been included; the play area seems to have been designed to cater for children of a wide range of ages. Timber structure is likely to be durable and weather well over time.”      

“Clear legibility and accessibility levels. Good separation between public and private spaces done simply but effectively. The central garden will only improve as the planting matures and forms a green oasis. Good visibility from the apartments onto the gardens. Interesting streetscape and green buffer between footpath and building. Lots of play for a variety of ages including water for play and biodiversity. Interesting central sculptural piece ,although the longevity of its timber structure is uncertain, with integral lighting. A really good scheme that makes this a great place to live.”

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