Architect of the Year

Architect of the Year
Pollard Thomas Edwards

Pollard Thomas Edwards has won three other categories: Best garden/landscaping of the year, Sustainable Development of the Year and Regeneration scheme of the Year. They have shown strength across the board in this year’s British Homes Awards.

Sustainable development of the year, Athena, Phase 1:  

Judges’ comments

“This is an extremely well thought through scheme from a cohesive master plan that brings a green space through the scheme connecting to larger greens to well orientated blocks with good connectivity both with vehicles and without. The varied massing of the units clearly allow for good daylighting whilst delivering architectural variation to the scheme. It's great to see the sustainable targets this scheme hits whilst delivering a joyful and aesthetically pleasing scheme for users.”




Best garden/landscaping design, New Garden Quarter: 

Judges’ comments

“The use of water-sensitive design combined with ecological enhancements and making this a key feature throughout the scheme both as a functional and playful element is to be applauded.”

“The landscape design provides clear legibility and accessible permeability through some challenging level changes with a pedestrian led approach.”

“The scheme has a good connection between the landscape and buildings and considers each edge function and microclimate carefully, therefore creating appropriate and well attributed character areas that embed the buildings within the landscape setting.”



Regeneration Scheme of the Year, City Park West 

Judges’ comments

“I really liked the clearly presented the master plan. So many good ideas and thoughtful touches here.”

“I really appreciated the use of materials and the hierarchy in the architecture, inset balconies vs cantilevered as you approach the town centre for example. Sensitive incorporation of heritage buildings on the site and the sense of real connection to the market town centre of Chelmsford.”

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